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Story Ideas at Schlitterbahn

Looking for the perfect summer time story but looking for just the right angle? Here’s some fun ideas that capture unique angles on our favorite time of year!  All Schlitterbahn locations welcome media for stand ups, in depth reporting, and live shots.  Contact Winter Prosapio at for scheduling. Want to just have fun? Learn more about our media admissions policy.

We built MASSIV, the tallest water coaster in the world in Galveston to celebrate the park’s 10th anniversary. This year is the first full season for this monster blaster. A true engineering marvel, MASSIV features the latest technology in the industry to save both water and energy as it blasts riders through multiple uphill sections and is the world’s only water ride with a triple dip finale. Click here to learn more.

Do you know the difference between different types of water slides?

This year Schlitterbahn celebrates a fifty-year tradition of providing great river based family fun. Bob and Billye Henry moved their three children to New Braunfels to take over a small resort on the banks of the Comal River on Labor Day of 1966, kicking off a family business that would, in time, grow into Schlitterbahn.

“My parent’s goal was to have their own business where our family could work together,” noted Gary Henry, head of Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts operating arm. “It’s a goal they more than met over the years.”

Now, fifty years later, the family has grown the small resort into a company with a total of three resorts, two indoor waterparks, five outdoor waterparks, two full-service restaurants and a country club — all focused on providing family entertainment.


Schlitterbahn Waterparks specialize in keeping guests in the water far longer than most waterparks – some of our rides are 45 minutes long (and that’s from ride entry to ride end, not going in circles). Born in the heart of Texas sizzling summers, long rides are the best formula for keeping guests cool all day long.

Overview of people in tubes floating in the channel next to the Comal River at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

Overview of people in tubes floating in the channel next to the Comal River at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

Even with waterproof cases, waterparks remain the last remaining oasis from the cell phone zombification of our nation. Most people at waterparks are unplugging from social networks, from the internet, and from the world of the screen and splashing into 3-d real time with one another. Schlitterbahn has long realized that this break from technology is exactly what most people need while on vacation – a real break from incessant connection. This may be why waterpark time can be the most relaxing way to reconnect as a family – because even kids have to stop texting and start playing with the person next to them.

Unplugged to Chill

Unplugged to Chill

Schlitterbahn Waterparks is sponsoring a mom’s recipe challenge this spring, inviting area mom’s around each park to pack the perfect picnic lunch for the waterpark. Schlitterbahn Waterparks is one of few theme parks that allow guests to bring in their own ice chests (sans alcohol and glass containers). And while there’s nothing wrong with a good chicken salad, last year mom’s developed recipes that turned the ordinary to five-star amazing.

Family Picnic at Schlitterbahn South Padre

Keeping kids safe in waterparks is as simple as Float, Splash, Slather and Supervise! Here are four tips from the experts at Schlitterbahn:

Float – Floatation Required! Schlitterbahn offers free life vests to every visitor. If your child doesn’t know how to swim or lacks confidence in the water, put them in a life vest. Keep in mind teens and tweens who don’t know how to swim will not always consider their safety when they are with their friends. A non swimmer might not wear her lifejacket when none of her friends wear one. If you have a non-swimming teen or tween, make sure they have an adult with them who can help them make safe choices. Or better yet, sign them up for swimming lessons early this summer!

Splash – Schlitterbahn offers great splash and play areas, so even the littlest ones can have fun without getting in water any deeper than your ankle. Prepare by bringing water shoes and consider a life jacket anyway, which can double as mega sun protection.

Slather – Slather on the sunscreen and hydrate. Just because you are in the water doesn’t mean you can’t get burned and dehydrated! Apply sunscreen every few hours and make sure everyone stops and takes a drink often. The summer sun can really do a number on both the inside and outside of a kid.

Supervise – No one knows your child’s behavior better than you! Whether you have a daring shark or a shy minnow, the best safety device for your child is your attention. Make sure you keep an eye on every child, particularly weak swimmers.

Two girls posing in front of the iconic castle

Two girls posing in front of the iconic Schlitterbahn Hillside Castle at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

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