Q: Why are you having this special day for women to learn to surf?

A: First of all, inland surfing was invented at Schlitterbahn, so there is no better location than one of our parks. Surfing is one of those sports that is easily done by either men or women, but we see very few women taking it on. So anything we can do to get more women on the wave is worthwhile.

Q: Why don’t more women surf?

A: We have several theories. Maybe it’s because women are more cautious and worry about wiping out. Maybe they think they’ll be embarrassed. Maybe when they see a line filled with men and boys, they think it’s not for them. But we believe it’s time to change that. Our goal is to have the surfers on our Boogie Bahn ride 50% men and boys and 50% women and girls!


Q: Why not a men’s learn to surf day?

A: We actually see a lot of men learning to surf every day. We felt it was time to give women a dedicated day to themselves. Also, we see men try to encourage women to try to surf all the time, but it doesn’t work very often. We thought maybe with a special day, women and girls will grab a board the next time and try.

Q: Do you have any tips to share?

A: First you have to get on the board correctly. And you have to hold yourself up, position your feet correctly. After that, it’s practice and a smidge of courage.