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Infinity Racers, a multi-million dollar pair of head-first, enclosed, eight-story tall racing mat slides is the latest in the Schlitterbahn family of record-breaking water rides. With numerous innovations in terms of design, height, and length, Infinity Racers is slated to become one of the great waterpark rides in the world.

Location: Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston Island

Built by: Schlitterbahn and WhiteWater West

Height: 75 feet tall – Tallest of its kind!

Ride Length: 696 feet long – Longest of its kind!

Ride Type: Head-first mat slide, almost fully enclosed

Budget: Closely held secret, but it’s a multi-million dollar slide

Number of Slides: Two slides. Orbiter features rings of multicolored fiberglass and is deep space blue at the start; Galaxy features dashes of multicolored fiberglass and is astronaut ice cream pink at the start.

Color: Event horizon green, deep space blue, astronaut ice cream pink with multicolored fiberglass rings and dashes.

Tower: The existing eight-story tower already has three slides – two intertwining orange and green slides (Screaming Serpents) and one high thrill body slide (Cliff Hanger). Infinity Racers will be added to the top level of the tower.

Stair lite: The tower has a total of 19 stairs, it is primarily a spiral sloping ramp.

Cool Ride Features: Fully enclosed for 85% of the ride with natural light effects from multi-colored fiberglass.


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