Here is the complete statement we offered WDAF TV when they contacted us on their June 23rd story:


To be clear: we train all our staff on separated party procedures, child safety, as well as other security and safety processes. This morning our team responded to a mother’s concerns regarding her two sons’ interaction with another mother. Our security team was alerted right away and took a description from both the children and the mother.


Since the incident park representatives both locally and at our corporate office have talked with the mother. Initially it was not clear whether another mother (who was not located) was trying to help a child who was upset, or not; however, our team did and is treating the matter with the utmost seriousness.


In addition to park security, we have a uniformed off-duty police officer in the park entry area during operating hours and they are available to file reports or assist guests as needed immediately.  We are not sure why she did not speak to the officer or request to file a report when she walked by the officer as she left the park.