Padre Plunge Fact Sheet

One of the first rides to make it’s appearance at  Schlitterbahn Riverpark & Resort Corpus Christi, this flume ride has been much anticipated!
The name Padre Plunge is a tribute to North Padre Island located in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

At its tallest point in the track the Padre Plunge is 45 feet tall, roughly the same height as 196 Selena MAC Collection lipsticks stacked on top of one another.

Length: The length of the ride is  60 seconds

Technology: The ride is comprised of wood, steel, and concrete with sensors located on each car to help the ride detect the location of the cars at all times.

# of Riders: Up to 15 people can be seated during each splashy ride

Splash Zone? The ride creates a 20-foot splash zone which can be seen from South Padre Island Drive (a major road by Schlitterbahn Riverpark & Resort Corpus Christi)

Shoes Required: Unlike other rides in the park, Padre Plunge requires guests to wear shoes to ride.