Schlitterbahn released drone footage of the Corpus Christi Riverpark today, highlighting both the new southern end of the park and the overall park and resort. The video showcases what is one of the most complex river systems in the world that features seven types of rivers: tidal wave, adventure, swift momentum, easy going, tube chute, swimming channel, and rapids.  Rivers are always guest favorites at all Schlitterbahn waterparks, since they are “no wait” attractions  and because last for so long –  the longest river rides last for nearly an hour. The Corpus Christi Riverpark has an extensive and interconnected river system and guests can enjoy six out of the seven distinct river types without leaving their tubes.

The drone footage is available here for download. There are two versions: one with music and titles Schlitterbahn is using online; and one with a simple explanation in the beginning. The footage is free to use.