Schlitterbahn Waterparks is home to more than award winning rides – it’s also home to many, many couples that met while working at the park and ended up getting hitched.


As we like to say, it must be something in the water.


In celebration of summer romances that have made it all the way to Valentines Day, we polled our in-house romantics and came up with a list of the most romantic waterpark rides in each park. We even made a fun little video about them.


In New Braunfels the award goes to the Congo River Expedition. Known for it’s mostly gentle flow and steamy jungle atmosphere, the Congo is the perfect spot for falling in love.


On South Padre Island, the endlessly flowing Rio Aventura won the honor. It’s like island love – it can go on forever. And with features like rapids and connections to uphill water coasters, it’s not without challenges to overcome, much like true love.


On Galveston Island, the Guada-Loopy tube ride requires a double tube, perfect for a fun ride built for two. It’s fast, fun, and you always want to ride it again.


In Kansas City the Torrent River is the largest torrent in the Schlitterbahn system. The waves are so huge and a blast to ride that it has become a favorite splash zone for making an impression on someone special.


Summer romances can get a head start with three Texas Schlitterbahn parks opening up for Spring Break March 7th. Find out more at