Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has invited a very special family to be the last riders of the 2013 Summer season. Kenny and Sarissa Walker and their three children will visit the park on Sunday, September 22nd and officially close the place down, taking the final tube ride on the Blastenhoff tower rides, including Schlitterbahn’s iconic Master Blaster.

The Walker family was selected by Operation Homefront, and will enjoy the entire day at Schlitterbahn. “We are honored to have this special family be part of a new tradition at the park,” said Darren Hill, Schlitterbahn New Braunfel’s General Manager. “We can think of no better way to end our season than by honoring a military family.”

For more information on the final days of operation, visit the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels website at



More about Tsgt Kenny Walker provided by spouse Sarissa Walker:


Kenny served 15 years in the Air Force. He just retired at 100% Air Force disability and 100% VA Disabilty. He retired as an E6 Tsgt.  His last 8 years his job was a TACP. A TACP controls aircraft from the ground while ‘outside the wire’. He travels in a team of 2 and depending on the mission will attach to Army infantry, Navy Seals, or any mission requiring air support. Once they make enemy contact he calls in the air support and tells the pilot where to drop the bombs.


He was deployed 8 times – 7 for OEF and the last 2 as a TACP. His first injuries are from his 2009 deployment. He deployed to FOB Blessing in the Korengal Valley. During a mission they were ambushed, with half the unit on one side of the bridge and the other half still in the village, Kenny being in the half still in the Village. With him was his other TACP as well as the ground commander. During the fire fight Kenny was using the building as coverage and the enemy shot an RPG which hit the building causing impact to face and helmet while peppering him with shrapnel down the right side of his body. Results of the injury: blind in right eye from scar tissue and TBI. This mission earned him a Bronze Star Medal with Valor.


His 2011 deployment he was deployed to Bahgram. On July 4th they got intel that the High Value #2 (Bin Laden #1 at the time) Kenny and his other TACP went to confirm the intel. While in the Village to confirm the intel 2 grenades where thrown at them. The grenades were 10 meters away. Kenny grab his partner and jumped on top of him. The grenades exploded and split a tree in half, but they remained intact.


Kenny’s injuries from the grenades are another TBI, nerve damage on the entire right side of his body, loss of hearing, broken hip & foot, loss of smell and taste, multiple surgeries to removing scar tissue on his head and body to include his eye, he’s lost 2 inches in hight due to the amount of damage to his neck and back, and spinal cord injury. This mission he received a Purple Heart.