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The Island’s First and Only Zip Line Opens for Soaring!

Schlitterbahn Galveston Island has some pretty tall thrills, but the waterpark’s latest ride is taking thrill riders to new heights.  The new Soaring Eagle Zip Line is a specially designed seated zip line ride.  One or two riders sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful views as they are pulled steadily backwards and up until they reach the ride’s peak – 100 feet over Schlitterbahn’s rivers and rides. Then at the apex of the ride things switch to a fast paced thrilling 30 miles per hour zip ride back down to the start of the ride.


Schlitterbahn’s Marketing Director, Chris Ozimek, calls the Soaring Eagle an exhilarating experience. “Not only do you get the thrill of a zip line, but you have a beautiful view of Galveston Bay and the west end of the Island and the Gulf and the comfort of a real seat – not a harness like most zip lines.”


The ride is available for an additional charge of $10 for single riders, $15 for double riders. Re-rides are just $5.  For more information visit the park’s Guest Services booth.


Soaring Eagle – Galveston Island